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  1. Hi. I'm launching my first silverlight app. I let VS 2010 express do all the defaults. I set up a silverlight application. it created the silverlight.Web directory structure as well.

    built a silverlight wcf. also a non silverlight wcf. (the non silverlight wcf works fine on Winhost with my forms btw).

    for my local silverlight project, i changed the services references to point at my Winhost url and they configure and update fine. Then i FTP the silverlightapplication1 and silverlightapplication1.Web to the server.

    I set up the directories with their starting point etc on Winhost. the services launch fine via the .svc and wsdl files in the browser.

    Here's the bizzare thing. If i try and load the Winhost silverlight page in the browser the controls load, but the data from the query doesnt populate drop downs or grid.


    I launch my local version of the services, right click "view in browser", then go back to my silverlight hosted on Winhost and refresh the browser. then the data shows from the query. Could this be something with the xap file maybe? something is configured whacky and i cant pinpoint it, hoping someone might be able to help.

    Just cant figure out why i have to start my local VS project and view the service, then launch my Winhost page to see the data. if i close the local project. the data goes away on Winhost.

    Sorry this is so long winded. Thank in advance for any help.
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  2. Elshadriel

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    Check the database connection string?
  3. unfortunately

    its a bit more involved than connections strings. The problem is that i made the mistake of letting visual studio define everything for the WCF and allowing it to create far too much unneeded code for just a simple WCF connection.

    I'm doing it by hand so that i can understand whats actually going on behind
    the scenes instead of letting VS defaults do the work for me.

    Thanks for the thought however. much appreciated. I'd close this altogether but i dont have access to do so. Tx.
  4. resolved

    had my clientaccesspolicy and crossdomain files in wrong location.
  5. ComputerMan

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    Glad to hear your resolved your issue. Thank you for the update :)
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  6. Even though there is not a question here, I would like to share a piece of information about Silverlight. Silverlight is nearing the end of life. Yes, Microsoft ends the overall support for it. So, it is good to keep Silverlight out of the box.

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