Should Intermediate SSL Cert be installed along with regular cert?

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  1. Hello,

    I purchased a RapidSSL cert for my site, and RapidSSL sent the certificate along with an Intermediate cert. Not sure what an Intermediate certificate is exactly? In their email they said:

    You MUST install the RapidSSL intermediate Certificate included at the end of this e-mail on your server together with your Certificate or it may not operate correctly.

    Should the intermediate cert be pasted after the regular cert in the CP text box, so they are back to back? Also, in the email before the BEGIN CERTIFICATE for the regular cert are the lines:

    Web Server CERTIFICATE

    and before the intermediate cert, also before the BEGIN CERTIFICATE are the lines:


    Should these be pasted also?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Ray


    The Intermediate certificate should already be installed on our Winhost servers. All you need to do is to take the actual SSL certification and upload it inside your Winhost control panel Site Manager/SSL Manager.
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  3. Thanks.

  4. Can I suggest that you update the onscreen instructions to this effect because it is currently ambiguous and I had to Google to find out what to do. The email from Rapid says install both but the Winhost SSL screen just says 'paste your certificate'. It should say, 'Past just your Web Server certificate, not the Intermediate one.'
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  5. Good point, thanks.
  6. Same suggestion, re: adding better info for installing the certificates. The email is fairly adamant about installing both certificates. I also found this confusing until I found this thread.
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