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  1. hello,

    I would like our website to be hosted on Winhost, but for our email to be directed to our company's Exchange Server. I know to get our domain to point to our website, I need to change the name servers at our domain register to point to,, and What I don't know is how to then point our mail to our exchange server. I tried creating an MX record ( using our WAN IP, but wasn't able to save it (message said "invalid"). Can you help?
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  2. Not really, sorry. You're sailing down some choppy waters there, and there are about 500 things that have to be just right and another 500 that can go wrong. It probably isn't something you'll be able to troubleshoot in this forum. You might be better off checking in with some Exchange experts somewhere.
  3. got it working

    I got it working. I created our A record ( to point to our WAN IP. I then set our MX record by leaving the text box for followed by for our server name.

    We already had our exchange server up and running. I just needed to figure out the MX record. I was entering it backward using as the domain and as the server.


  4. Cool, glad it's working for you.
  5. We have a similar challenge. Our exchange server is also up and running, but we are migrating hosting partners because they don't support MVC. Part of our set up involves our host email acting as a back up in case our exchange goes down (maintainance, ms upgrades etc.). We were hoping to replicate this on Winhost. Does your set up accommodate that?
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  6. Ray


    No I'm afraid we really don't have that feature. We do not have a feature on our email server where it will look to your exchange server if any disruptions occur. You'll either need to decided whether you are going to use your exchange server or our SmarterMail email servers.

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