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Discussion in 'Site Programming, Development and Design' started by kettu, Jul 10, 2010.

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  2. can you elaborate more?
  3. Sending an email doesn't work from my own PC. I had the same problem with my other hosting provider, the default port number 25 didn't work remotely. But then I got an other port number which works remotely (but not locally). In my code I'm using Request.IsLocal property to decide which port to use. That's how my code works regadless the whether I'm running my app from my own computer or from the hosted server.

    I wonder whether this kind arrangement goes with Winhost, too.

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  4. hmm...i just tried sending mail from my development machine using the instructions on the first post and it works fine.

    send me a pm if u want my Mail.cs [class] file...
  5. Ray


    We really don't have enough information to help you solve this problem. Some sample codes posted on this thread will help and an exact copy of the error message will also help.
  6. Your ISP probably blocks port 25, most of them do. Try port 587.
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  7. I think I tried port 587 earlier and it didn't work. Maybe I made a typing error. Anyway, I tried it again and it works OK. Thanks!
  8. Cool deal, glad it's working for you.

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