Sending email before DNS set up

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  1. Hi,

    I just started a new account, and I don't have the site fully set up yet - so I'm leaving the DNS mapping for my domain set to my old ISP while I get this somewhat complicated task going. However, in the meantime, I want to use some pages in the site to send out some support emails to customers (product key replacements, no mass emails).

    So I want to send emails from code using the .NET SmtpClient class. I can't use the server, because of course is mapped to a completely different ISP right now. I know there must be an email server address I can use - does anyone know how I can find it?

  2. Check the MX record in your DNS manager section of your control panel.

    You can use the mail server URL that is there in your code and everything should work fine.

    Just be sure you are properly authenticating with an email user that exist on the server ex.
  3. thanks

    that did it, thanks

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