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  1. I've installed WordPress on my site but my basic URL needs to be directed to the wordpress section of the site:

    How do I redirect my site:


    Or, move the word press info so that it displays when my users and I simply enter

  2. This was really quite simple (from the helpdesk):

    First log into the Wordpress site as your admin.

    Click on Settings. Select General.

    In the WordPress Address URL field remove the mention of your subdirectory.
    In the Site Address URL remove the mention of your subdirectory.
    Save the new settings.

    Now connect to your site via FTP and move the WordPress site from the subdirectory to the root directory.
    It took me a while (several email exchanges) to finally determine what they were taking about
    What this meant was, move all of the files and folders from:\WordPress to\

    and then delete the WordPress folder
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