Quota increases and new plans launch November 11th

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  1. We sent an email to everyone yesterday detailing some changes that are due to take place on November 11th. If you haven't read it yet, head to your inbox now and check it out.

    Basic plan users will see their web site disk space quota rise from 2GB to 3GB. Max and Ultimate plan users will see their web site disk space and bandwidth quotas disappear!

    You read that right, if you use the Max or Ultimate plans, we're giving you unlimited web server storage space and unlimited bandwidth. We want to see your sites grow, and we want you to stick with us when they do.

    We're also introducing some new pricing, which includes a brand new two-year plan that lowers your current monthly costs by up to 20%. It's available now in Control Panel, for every plan type.

    You already know that Winhost is a great value, we hope these changes increase that value and make it possible for you to stay with us for the long run. Our goals are to stay on top of the latest and greatest Windows hosting technology, and to keep our friends (that's you!) happy.
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