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  1. Have Max accounts but have never dealt with Ultimate accounts. We are in the process of upgrading a small site with a fairly large user base that is hosted elsewhere. The development has been performed on one of the Max accounts. The plan is to keep that for development and roll-out on an Ultimate account.

    The upgrade includes a file upload capability for resumes that was not existent before. I doubt there would be more than 10-30 files per day. These would need to be scanned for viruses prior to general viewing. Ultimate includes SiteLock which seems to offer this service but I'm not sure if we can just target the upload directory and if there are limits associated with the scanning. Is there an alternative solution for this?

    We would also require the ability to do some scheduled calls from a web service to perform daily admin tasks.

    Are both of these items available under the Ultimate plan in the fashion I am envisioning?

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    Ultimate plan doesn't include the SiteLock service. You will need to order the SiteLock service on it's own for the site account. With the FTP scan you can tell it not to scan certain file names but I'm not too sure about the directory path only.

    On the Ultimate plan you have the ability to create a schedule task. More about this tool can be found in our knowledge base article here: Basically our schedule task will only make a HTTP call to the web page containing the code you create. So you would need to create the page in a way if a HTTP call is made to it. The page executes your code and completes the task you require.

    The SiteLock service is a separate service that you can order for any site plan. It's not included on the Ultimate plan. It's a separate add-on for the site account. The Schedule task is included with the Ultimate plan.
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  3. Then the plan description under the Ultimate plan on is incorrect? I'm sorry if I misled with my question, I was referring to the 1st year of sitelock being free, not that is was forever free.
    The plan states "Free SiteLock Security*" with this being noted under the * addendum:
    * Discount applied during original purchase only for one year for the lowest priced offering. If you cancel your hosting service for a refund, you will be charged for the full retail price of any discounted service.
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    The free year of SiteLock Basic is a new promotion we are running right now with the Ultimate Plan. The promotion applies to new Ultimate plan orders.

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