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  1. Hello,
    I have been trying to run AShop, a PHP/MySql Shopping Cart application on Winhost. However, some of the functionality does not work due to the way MySql and PHP are configured on Winhost.

    I was advised of the following: They have configured MySQL on the server to run in strict mode, which will cause all sorts of issues with web applications that use MySQL. The fsockopen function is also deactivated which will cause trouble in several different areas of AShop.

    Any chance of these 2 configurations getting changed so AShop will be able to be run?

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  2. rum

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    Is there any particular error message you are getting?
  3. No, I'm not getting an error message, certain functionality just doesn't work.

    Specifically, when charging for shipping is enabled (using one of several possible methods), and a front end User clicks a link to calculate shipping charges or checks out, one of two possible pages where you
    enter customer shipping information get stuck: when you click on the
    applicable button in each, they just keep re-appearing and the next screen
    that's supposed to show does not.

    Another problem I found is that in the back end configuration functions, when you try to add Custom Shipping Options, they do not seem to be getting saved.

    In the system requirements for AShop it clearly states that the fsockopen-function must be working. You can view these requirements here:
    (the requirements listed for AShop V do not apply to what I'm doing since I'm running the open source/free version, not AShop V which is commercial).

    It makes sense that the front end functions described above might use fsockopen(), because some of the shipping methods require getting information real time from UPS, USPS, or FEDEX websites regarding rates. Also, I am quoting the person in charge of this software in my first post regarding needing fsockopen() to be enabled and that MySQL should not be running in strict mode.
  4. Ray


    Unfortunately we cannot change the strict mode setting on the server as a whole, but you should be able to code each call your application makes to the MySQL database to define it's own mode type such as 'Strict Mode'. Obviously any calls made to the MySQL database will have to define each SQL Mode it will use, which can be a headache.

    As for fsockopen function, I believe that is delegated to application level where by a user.ini file can actually enable that function. Have you tried setting up your own user.ini file?

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