Pre-sales questions; ports, SSL and disk space

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  1. I think I found the answer but I want to confirm before moving my website...

    I have a web application that places ountbound calls to customer's aquarium systems; these calls can be on any port the customer has indicated so I have no control as to the outbound port they choose. I found a number of replies that suggest there is no restriction on outbound connections but I want to confirm my understanding.

    Is the SQL Database Hosting Disk Space the sum of all SQL database instances or per instance? Is the MySQL Database Hosting Disk Space in addition to the SQL Database Hosting Disk Space or cumulative?

    Similar question about email; is the limit per email account?

    SSL Cert; it looks like it is available for the Max and Ultimate Plans; correct?

    If it matters I'm looking at the Ultimate Plan (only because I have code that polls each aquarium every so often and i would need the Scheduled Task Tool); unless there is another supported method to run a periodic job?

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    Hi Ken,

    Here are your answers:

    1) We do not block any outbound connections, so your application will be able to connect on any port.
    2) The SQL database hosting disk space is the sum of all SQL Server databases you create.
    3) The MySQL database hosting disk space is separate from SQL Server but is also the sum of all MySQL databases you create.
    4) Email disk space is the same. It's the aggregate sum, not per email account.
    5) For SSL, yes, it's only available on the Max or Ultimate plan.
    6) The Scheduled Task tool is only available on the Ultimate plan.
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