Pre Sales Questions (Multiple Domains, memory use, App Pool Recycle)

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  1. I am currently at ARVIXE. I host a number of small 'About and Email Me' websites. I also from time to time will host a more complex prototype website (which I would generally host on Azure on release). I am looking for a windows host that will let me host my primary email, info sites, and complex prototypes without breaking the budget.
    • Can I host multiple domains from a single account
    • What is the maximum life of Application pool (how often does it recycle)
    • Are applications always on or do they sleep when unused (I assume not)
    • Are there any limits to memory/cpu use ? Do you provide tools to monitor this ?
    • I get ALOT of spam, what are your spam filters like ?
    • MVC 5 I assume, what about MVC 6 ?
  2. Also, websocket support / limits would be nice to know.
  3. Yes, but it requires a little manual configuration.
    There isn't a "maximum life" if the application is being used. If an application pool is idle for 20 minutes it's shut down. If an application exceeds memory quota, it's recycled.
    See above. There is not a real time memory use monitor.
    They're good. We use network-level filtering, and your personal filters are extremely adjustable to suit your needs.
    When MVC 6 is released and included in the Windows server update, we'll support it.
    There are concurrent connection limits, but most people never hit them. If you do, we can raise that limit for you.

    Generally speaking, if any host answers 'no' to the question, "Are there any limits to memory/cpu use?" you should not consider them a viable option. I know it sounds good in theory, who doesn't want access to unlimited resources? But it probably sounds good to the other 500-1000 sites running on the server too, and if any one of them decide they're going to monopolize the server resources, that doesn't leave you in a very good place.
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  4. Thanks, I will sign up.
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  5. Great! Welcome. Let us know if you need anything.
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