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Discussion in 'DNS/Domain names' started by Ted Medler, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. I am hosting a domain, including DNS at another provider. I have created two subdomains to that domain that I would like to point at my Winhost web space.

    When signing up for Winhost, I used a "dummy" externally hosted domain in order to complete the signup process.

    I had no trouble setting this up and hosting the subdomain sites on EC2 through IIS. I do not want to purchase separate domains to host the subdomain sites on Winhost. Is what I am wanting to do even possible with Winhost? It will be a non-starter if I have to host the parent domain at Winhost as well.
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    Hi Ted,

    You can do this here at Winhost. Just change the primary domain name on the account to one of the sub-domain names you want to host. Then add the second sub-domain name as a domain pointer. Then create DNS "A" records for the sub-domains that point to the IP address of the server at your registrar. Then you'll need to use URL Rewrite to redirect the sub-domain names to the correct folder. More information can be found here in this Knowledge Base article.
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  3. That worked. Thanks

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