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    Is it possible to pay with PayPal? Thank you.
  2. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    Right now we only take credit card payment. I'll let the others know that you were asking about paypal.
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    I've written a very secure method using Reverse IPN method to integrate with PayPal.

    The concept is a HTTPS post is submitted to PayPal using your vendor paypal email address. When payment is processed, PayPal posts a tocken to your server. The .asp response page uses the token to perform a server to server call over HTTPS to validate the token. If the transaction is valid, all details (excluding the clients credit card) is provided so you can credit their account.

    This structure ensures there is no spoofing, there are 0 liability issues, credit card information is NOT provided to the vendor, etc. I've used it for over a year and provided functions for my clients to use to sell their products.

    There is no cost to using it and credit card discount rates are lower than the bank. Additionally, the vendor does not need a mastercard, visa or amex account.

    I can be received at using gary dot campbell.
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    Another vote for paypal.
  5. Guest

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    NO Paypal??

    Was just about to give you guys the benefit of the doubt and signup but then I see you don't take Paypal. Sorry. You are new with little reviews - alot of people won't want to give you their card information. Unfortunately its on to one of your competitors.
  6. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    We are new but we are getting great feedback. We'll will be here if the other hosts don't work out for you.
  7. Hmm...let's see...what is more difficult to obtain; a merchant account and payment gateway for credit card processing -- or a PayPal account...boy, I just don't know...

    Seriously, if I were you I would be far more wary of a joint that only took PayPal. A drunken monkey can set up a PayPal account and start taking payments in about 5 minutes. PayPal is hardly a sign of legitimacy.

    We would like to take PayPal in addition to credit cards, but it isn't feasible at the moment.
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    These guys at Winhost just keep oozing professionalism. For a company so new trying to impress they certainly all have attitude issues. I can't believe some of things they say and do in their own forums.
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    I'm considering it

    Condescending and sarcasm aside (do you think that makes you more credible?) you missed the point. I don't have to trust a site that takes Paypal. They don't have my credit card number. The most I can be taken for is the payment I already determined to be spending. In the hosting industry its pretty common to use Paypal. You got to be pretty wet behind the ears to imply that a host that can't take Paypal is a benefit. Actually not being able to offer it raises red flags too. Like you said its easy to setup so why wouldn't a hosting operation listen to its market and get it in about five minutes - unless they couldn't.

    incidently hank - Curtis ' answers were the better business approach. Acting all condescending and saracastic doesn't win you points. You might not care about that here in your forums but do you really want people not liking your approach to business when they may be regular members say at WHT?
  10. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    Taking payment with paypal is easy - anyone can do it - but managing it and tying it into a provisioning and existing billing system is a whole different animal and can be quite complex. This is why we don't take paypal right now.

    Not taking paypal should not raise any red flags for anyone really. We take credit card payment and handle our own transactions. That is much more difficult to set up and you must be a legitimate business to set that up. So if you have a business that only takes paypal or uses some third party transaction service and one that only handles credit cards on their own, then the business handling credit cards is viewed as more legit.

    But we would agree that taking payments with paypal is convenient for many people. So it is better for a business to be able to take both types of payments and offer a choice to customers. We hope to one day be able to do that but it will not be right away because there is a lot of development work to do in order to tie both payment types into our automation and billing system.
  11. Thanks, we enjoy our fresh approach to trolls and garbage posts, and I'm glad you do too. We aim to please, you know.

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