Odd IMAP issues

Discussion in 'Email' started by ceestand, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. I have two issues accessing e-mail via IMAP.

    The first is that in Outlook 2007, if I want to delete a message, I first delete it, then right-click on the inbox and select "Process Marked Headers", and then click Edit > Purge > Purge Marked Items. This is the same for all of my Winhost mail accounts, but I have other IMAP accounts that seem to be set up the same way, but where I don't have to perform the "Process Marked Headers" step. Is there something I'm missing here, or is this the experience for all mail hosted on Winhost, and why the difference?

    The second issue bugs me a lot more than the first. I have an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S base) that I am using the default mail client on to access my Winhost hosted mail accounts. However, marking something as read doesn't stick. It gets marked as read on the app while I am reading in the account view, but the messages don't get marked as read on the server, causing my number of unread messages to always be the same as the complete number of messages in the account.

    I appreciate any help in these matters.
  2. Ray


    I believe that has something to do with SmarterMail itself. With SmarterMail the delete activity is not a complete removal from the Inbox.

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