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Discussion in 'Site Programming, Development and Design' started by ccybers, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. I recently added a SSL domain certificate to my site. I can connect via https, but when I do, there is no padlock icon in the lower right corner of my browser. What do I need to do to make the padlock icon appear when users are connected to my site via https?
  2. rum

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    Different browsers display padlock icon in different places. While FirFox, for example, displays it in the lower-right corner, Internet Explorer displays it next to the URL address bar. If you are using IE 9 as your web browser, your should see the small gray padlock icon in the right hand side of the address bar. Please see this blog that tells how different browsers display padlock.
  3. https connection but still no padlock

    Thanks for the link to the helpful blog post. But, I still don't have a padlock displayed in my browser. The address has https:// at the beginning. I'm using IE9 and have a RapidSSL certificate installed. Does the fact that there is no padlock displayed mean there is a problem with my certificate? There are no messages about a problem with the certificate when I connect to the web site.
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    No, It just means that the browser is not displaying the pad lock. While other web browsers do.

    Try using different web browsers to see if you can get a pad lock icon. Mind providing us with a URL to your site?

    If no error message when using https:// then you should be ok :)
  5. I tried the latest versions of FireFox, Chrome, and IE. None of them display the padlock. If you could take a look and see if you see any issues, that would be great! The URL is

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