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  1. Wow, there are some great sites here.

    My site uses MVC 4 C# .net 4.5. with some Jquery, and an attempt at CSS.

    I'm trying to develop my Website skills, and maybe make some money with this idea. The site converts EDI 810 X12 4010 invoice files into readable formats. The site is still a work in progress. I have to add more features.

    Anyone know anything they can share about site submission?

    The site is

    Thank you
  2. Ray


    Let get this straight so I know I fully understand what you are trying to do.

    You have a site, it will receive an EDI file from some external source, and your site will convert that EDI file to some readable data format for people. Correct?

    So the questions are, what method are you planning to implement to receive the EDI file from an external source?

    I'm assuming EDI files are viewable only to the appropriate individuals, correct?

    So how are you going to tie in together the specific data to be displayed to the correct login credentials?
  3. If you mean submission to search engines, that's certainly possible, but in terms of getting your site found by lots of people, it's only the first of many (many) steps.

    Submit your site to Google.
    Submit your site to Bing.

    You can stop there, because submitting it anywhere else is not worth your time.

    I'd especially urge you to resist the temptation to add your site to services that claim to submit to hundreds of search engines or blogs or any other kind of unnatural link building. Those will not help you at all, and in fact most of them will hurt you (in Google's eyes anyway, and it is Google you want to please).

    So how do you get people to find your site?

    The oldest - and still the best - method is simply to be the best, most informative and useful site that serves your potential audience. If you're providing a specialized service (as you are), your best bet is to find people who are having problems that your service can solve and interact with them.

    It's not quick and it's not easy, but SEO in general is complex, multifaceted and always changing.

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