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  1. Hello,

    I have a .net framework 4 website as the main website in Winhost.
    I need to move one of my older ASP website to Winhost .. I created a folder in the root folder and copied the site there ... The new domain was configured as a pointer.

    And I also setup rewrites and redirects in the main sites web.config to access the classic asp site.
    The site opens and runs and I do get connection to my access database ... but I am having a hard time with my session ... If i use the pointer domain the login to my fails but if I use a subdomain i create in Winhost it works fine ...

    Did I miss anything? Any suggestions will help....
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  2. I tried checking out your account and I wasn't able to find the subfolder where your site resides. Can you let us know where we can see the issue or replicate it?
  3. I took a look at the page and it seemed to go oK.

    Are you getting the session issues consistently? It could be that perhaps you're going over the memory limit, and causing your application pool to recycle and lose sessions.

    How are you storing sessions in your application?
  4. it seems that when i go to the site using cctv.d2bmedia.com (subdomain) i am able to login and session object is created .. but when I go to the site using cctvcanada.ca(pointer) i am unable to login .. the website is not domain specific should work

  5. Unfortunately I wasn't able to activate a user I created for testing, as I never received ane mail because of some CDO error when sending the confirmation email. (I signed up as "joseWinhost" as the username)

    After looking at some of your settings, have you tried changing the "const" values where you specified the domain, https, and cookie domain? Wouldn't hurt to try I think.
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  6. you are right !!! the problem was with const file THANK YOU!!!

    now the email problem )))

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