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  1. Hello:

    I got this script for sending email from the Winhost website. I don't really understand email scripts very well, so I don't know if I have this set up correctly. But when I test it I get an error message which simply says:

    error '80040211'

    with no explaination.

    I've changed the username and password in the code below for privacy purposes.

    Can anybody suggest what might be wrong.

    dim objMessage
    dim objConfig, Flds
    set objMessage = createobject("cdo.message")
    set objConfig = createobject("cdo.configuration")
    Set Flds = objConfig.Fields

    Flds.Item("") = 2
    Flds.Item("") =""

    ' ' Passing SMTP authentication
    Flds.Item ("") = 1 'basic (clear-text) authentication
    Flds.Item ("") =""
    Flds.Item ("") ="drrak1234"

    Set objMessage.Configuration = objConfig
    objMessage.To = ""
    objMessage.From = request.form("form_address")

    objMessage.Subject = "New Task"
    objMessage.HTMLBody = "This is a test sent from CDO using smtp authentication."
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  2. Ray


    This line is incorrect:

    Flds.Item ("") =""​

    If you are going to use our email server to send out email you will need to pass you POP account not your hotmail account.

    As an example:

    Flds.Item ("") =""​

    Now, bear in mind that the password maybe different. I really not sure what your password for it may not be the same as If you do not know the password for you can reset it in the webmail for

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