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    I am looking for a solution to host multiple websites for multiple domains. From this discussion, it seems that if I want to do so under one account, I can use Winhost, but would have to setup some code and aliases to redirect to subdirectories. Is this correct?

    What about if I just wanted to host multiple websites under one domain? Do I still need to setup aliases and change code or could I use the subdirectory structure to house different websites without any changes? Ex:, are different websites and all I had to do was publish them from Visual Studio.

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    You can host multiple applications in different subdirectories. If you want to have different domains pull up those applications, then you would add the other domains as domain pointers. We point those domain pointers to the root of the main Site. Then you can redirect those domain pointers to any subfolder you want with your code. You don't need to keep logging into the control panel, you control everything with your code.
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  4. Ben, nice blog post, thanks!

    "I've been with for 4 years now..."

    You have my condolences. ;)
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