Multiple sub-domains pointing to the same domain

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    My ASP.NET MVC multi-tenant application expects requests from different sub-domains to figure out customer configurations. Is there any way to have DNS (I have one) resolve * to a site hosted at Winhost and have this one application handle the requests? Do I need dedicated IP address for that? Are there any other limitations?

    My requirements to any proposed solution are:
    1) Request coming to stays on and doesn't redirect to
    2) I don't know sub-domains upfront (well, except I'll disallow www and whatsnot) - customers will be subscribing and getting their site any time they want.

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  2. Ray


    Yes you are going to need a unique IP address attached to your account, but you can only get a unique IP address if you have SSL installed. This will mean you will have to order the Max or Ultimate plan.

    1) Request coming to stays on and doesn't redirect to

    By nature it will have to redirect, that is how IIS works. Unfortunately you will need to incorporate various techniques such as URL redirecting and URL rewriting.

    2) I don't know sub-domains upfront (well, except I'll disallow www and whatsnot) - customers will be subscribing and getting their site any time they want.

    It sounds like you are planning to host multiple websites under one Site Account. Although we do not stop our customers from doing this there are some draw backs. 1 -- All sites will basically be under one root hence the same web space. 2 -- Each Site Account will run under one application pool. All these sites you are trying to create will be under that one application pool, and if one site crashes, it can potentially crash all the other sites. 3 -- There is not email for these subdomain names.
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    Thanks for your answers and pointing out to the possible problems.

    Is there any way for me to pay for 1-3 months of service with dedicated IP and SSL to test various ways of running my application with your service?

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    I'm afraid we only have two payment plans, you can either choose monthly or annually. I suggest you stay with monthly.
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    Yeah, I get it. I mean, would it be a problem if I go with Ultimate plan and add dedicated IP there?

  6. No problem. You can upgrade temporarily if you need to do so to test something.
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    To follow up with resolution here.

    I got Ultimate plan with cheapest SSL certificate available - it gave me dedicated IP and ability to point * record in DNS to my site. All in all, everything worked out as I wanted it.
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    It is good to hear that it worked out for you.
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    Multiple sub domains pointing to the same domain

    Is it possible to run multiple domains under one account? A single database is fine, its just each domain hosts a different...thing.

    At my current host when I login via FTP I see four folders, each has a website setup under it, that is what I want to accomplish here, if possible.


  10. Ray


    Yes it is possible but you will need to setup redirect scripts so that specific http calls to a domain name gets redirected to the targeted subfolder.

    First you will need to add the domain names as domain pointers to your account.

    Once that is done you will need to create the subfolder via FTP and load the website unto those subfolders.

    Then, you will create a redirect script on your startup page in your root so that it can navigate specific http calls to the correct subfolder. Try looking at this kb article as an example of coding a redirect script.

    You do not need to code a redirect script to accomplish this. If you want you can also use the URL rewrite module inside IIS 7 Manager to help you create a URL rewrite/redirect rule. First you will need to connect to our web server using IIS 7 Manager.

    You may want to look at this link to learn more about the URL rewrite/redirect module in IIS 7.

    Some people don't like to use this module because it is complicated to use. But if you know how to use it, you can do a whole lot of stuff with it.
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    Nice guidelines shared ... very useful ... thanks Ray :)

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