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  1. Jimmy

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    Hi, under your cheapest plan, can I deploy two seperate MVC2 apps with their own domain each?
  2. Ray


    Yes. There will be a couple of steps you need to take. First you need to enable the domain pointer feature. This will help additional domain names resolve to your root.

    Look at this kb article.

    Next, you need to setup a redirect script so that calls to the domain name gets redirected to the subfolder.

    Lastly, you will need to setup the folders where you have the MVC application as its own application folder. Try looking at this KB article.
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  3. Thank You.. this sucks. I just set up my new account and have been playing for the last couple hours. I'm going to find another Host because of this SERIOUS limitation. I suspect its by design.
  4. Ray


    Actually its not by design from us, but how Microsoft Windows 2008/IIS 7 works. If you have your own dedicated server then it would not be a problem. But in a shared hosting setting their are inherent limitations to what we can do with IIS 7.
  5. Is this going to signifficantly affect the response time?
    What I'm after is one application domain that host my aspx pages and other application domain that exposes WCF services. What would be the best thing to do to get good response times?

  6. Ray


    Redirects should not affect the response time unless the redirects go to another server that is outside our network. If that is the case the latency or poor response maybe originating from that source.
  7. followed steps 1 and 3.
    Step 2?
    followed steps as HTML web site w/ redirect in web.config. Althought HTML do work MVC2 do not work. What do you mean by redirect script, please provide example.
  8. rum

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    Please see this KB article where you will find an example of redirection. This redirection was written for subdomains, but you can modify it to work with the domain pointer as well.
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  9. Can someone provide step-by-step

    Need to walk through this, the MVC 2 is not working.
    1. Created file named 'redirect.aspx' and copied code in sample.
    2. Modified sample "" (maybe incorrectly) to redirect ONLY for MVC2 application
    3. Saved file to root directory.
    4. Using IIS manager added redirect.aspx to default document only for MVC2 project. Failed
    5. Added also to root failed
    6. Removed reference from MVC2 directory failed.

    Some one must have done this before, just post the steps please.

    Where the MVC2 is at the root, this was not a problem.
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  10. Ray


    Do you have a URL we can look at where we can recreate the problem on our end?
  11. Nice, thanks for following up.
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