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  1. Read the FAQ and various forum messages but still a bit puzzled on how to do this based on my attempt to add a domain pointer. The goal is to add two new domains (one registered and hosted outside of Winhost and one registered and hosted at Winhost) to the primary site.

    Main Winhost domain and site is located at the root:

    Outside Winhost domain has a new folder set as application starting point in a subfolder of

    To my understanding, the required steps to accomplish this are:
    1. Add a domain pointer to that points to
    2. Change the name servers at to point to the NSx Winhost name servers.
    3. Setup the URL rewrite rules.

    The secondary Winhost domain and also has a new subfolder under the primary root and is an application starting point. This is where I've stumbled so far. When attempting to add a domain pointer to WinhostPrimary that points to, it fails with "Domain name is already hosted at Winhost.

    So my guess is you have to edit the A record fields for WinhostSecondary to point to the IP address of WinhostPrimary and then do URL rewrites.

    Is this correct?

    If email aliases are used for the new domains, they will receive email as before but all outgoing email will use WinhostPrimary for the headers.

    Is this correct?
    Am I missing something?

    Thanks for any help.
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