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    I plan to move my website from Intuit Websites to Winhost and then create it on Wordpress. I cannot just transfer since their program is their own so there is no way to do so. My guess is that I will have to copy and paste all 550+ pages. Anyone had to do that? And if so, is Wordpress my best option.]

    Here is my current address:

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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  2. You can't FTP in to an Intuit web site? I don't know anything about their service or how they generate pages, but the pages look like regular html to me. If you can FTP in you can download the entire site.

    If you can't FTP in, there are also a few programs that will crawl your site and make a local copy of all the files it can see.

    You just need to get the files onto your local computer in one way or another, then you can move the site anywhere.
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    Appreciate your advice. I have a friend who is into "website architecture" (whatever that means but it sounds impressive to me). He runs a website for a company here in Dallas and seems to think that it can be done also. Will let you know how it turns out once he ever gets a few minutes to come on by.
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    Well here is what my computer guru had to say:

    Intuit needs a real software developer to design their web pages. The web pages they are plugging your text into are not compliant with current international standards. Some areas are written incorrectly. Some areas are written with outdated commands which are close to being no longer supported by web browsers.

    These errors lead to poor SEO and potentially poor end user experiences at some point....

    Wish I had known all that sooner.

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