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  1. Hi guys. I want to be sure I'm doing this correctly. I have read the knowledge base article, but want to be clear.

    I have opened a website for a client that has a site hosted at another host. This is where she also registered her domain name. The other host provides a control panel which has a DNS admin section where I can get the key, etc, and I'm wondering what I have to do now?

    So, now I guess I just sign in to the original registraar and adjust the DNS settings to point to your DNS servers? Is that correct? Any other info that I might need?

    Thanks in advance and I look foward to many more websites being hosted here. Love your control panel by the way and the ease at signing up! What a relief compared to my last host that I have been with since the mid 90's. They were bought out by a huge company and haven't the support that they used to have, etc,.

  2. That will do it.

    You could also transfer the domain registration to us if you like to keep everything under one roof. So to speak. (Videos)

    I'll bet I can guess who bought them. ;) Not surprised that things went downhill post-sale. They usually do.
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  3. Hank, is it easier to transfer the domain to you folks? I mean using the registraar? I will do whatever is the easist. I hate transfering domain names. I had a terrible experience awhile back with Network Solutions. I'll never use them again..

    Yeah, the old company that I hosted with was good. I was with them for many years and they started out great. Then, this big company came and gobbled them up. The new company seems to be much more interseted in loaning money to business, etc, than keeping on top of technology, etc, with their server hosting. I mean, there not terrible, but I just don't like them compared to the old owners, etc,. You folks remind me of the great hosting I used to get with them when I originally signed up with them for classic asp development way back in the 90's.
    God speed
  4. The easiest thing to do is leave the domain name where it is and change the name servers to point to us. I think that's what you were planning on doing anyway.
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  5. Yeah Hank. That's what I'm going to attempt to do..hehe.. I think I've figured it out though. Thanks so much for the quick replies guys. You folks rock..
  6. FYI, I had to write the old host support and they took the DNS server addy's from here and configured it for me, but woudln't give me the password so I could do it myself. Maybe since they registered it for me? I tried, but it was locked at the Melbourne IT website when I logged in with just the Key.. and domain name.
  7. Sometimes a host will decline to give you the domain password because they don't want you to change it and lock them out of being able to manage the domain. That's not uncommon for a reseller. But if you ever want to transfer it away from them they should give you all of the login details so you can control the transfer.
  8. Thanks Hank. Yeah, I used their control panel which is good, but too confusing for me. It's not as easy as yours is here. I hate to leave this company as I'm pretty loyal, but they changed a lot. They used to be owned by a guy named Tim Uzanti I think it was, and back when I was doing classic asp I used to answer a ton of forum questions about the same as I was doing a lot of that development. They gave me free hosting because of this and I didn't ask for it, etc,. Anyway, they were bought out by a bigger company that I think isn't as interested in hosting, etc,. They have good support, but it's just not the same, and they don't allow the good stuff like you folks do here! :)
    Thanks so much.
  9. Ah, CrystalTech. ;)

    Uzzanti is at SmarterTools now, we use a lot of their products.
  10. Yeap, Crystal Tech.. I've been with them since the 90's.. So you know Uzanti. Man, he ran that place great I thought.. and was so nice to me.. It makes sense that he's at Smart tools. I think they used the same at CT. I know the mail was Smart tools I think that we used there.. Anyway, thanks so much. If you hear from him, let him know I missed him after he left and I hope he's doing well.. My name is "Tim Smallwood".. He might remember me, but I'm not sure. Just let him know I was the guy called "ASPTim" on the forums that helped newbies and he constantly gave me free hosting a couple or three months at a time..
    Thanks so much Hank. You guys already remind me of the good hosting I used to have..
    P.S. I had no trouble getting my files published or anything so far with both Webmatrix and VS studio pro, etc,.. Great job guys! Love the forums too and the FAQ's you have and the control panel. Everything layed out perfect for somone like me! :)
    GOd speed sir..
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  12. Hi computerman.

    Love the Knowledge base and articles. I have used them quite a bit already when I have a question, and then if I coudn't find it or needed even more info, I've been using this forum so far everything is great. No problms at all. Can't wait to get this first website up and going so I can work on my own! :)


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