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Discussion in 'General troubleshooting' started by Stanford Douglas, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. My main domain name, doesn't work, it just returns a blank page, but the alternate, does work. I have a redirect page there that takes you to my main site.

    Is there some action on my part that I need to take or does it just take time?

  2. In addition I cannot add a site with IIS 7 Manager Login using Secondary Web URL of and site name
    To get ftp top work I had to use because would not connect successfully it resulted in
    "Connection attempt failed with "EAI_NODATA - No address associated with nodename"."
    Stan D.
  3. Elshadriel

    Elshadriel Winhost Staff

    You need to update your name server information to point to:

    You have it pointed here right now:


    For IIS 7 Manager, make sure you're using the Connect to a Site option and not Connect to a Server.
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