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  1. Do you currently have any support for hosting Lightswitch applications.
    Lightswitch is basically Microsofts new application framework built on Silverlight and .Net 4.
    I'm succesfully running Silverlight apps on Winhost, but I want to try out LightSwitch. I have no problem running them locally, or on my own IIS 7 server, but I really want to host them at Winhost.

    The following link gives is a good starting point if you've not heard of LightSwitch.
    I can see LOTS of LightSwitch apps being created and hosted in the future, it would be really good to support these :)

    I have tried publishing but am getting the following error :-

    "Web deployment task failed.(Could not complete the request to remote agent URL '<>'.)
    Could not complete the request to remote agent URL ' Web Site'.
    The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.
    The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure."

    I'm happy to help out with any testing

    Best regards


    P.S. Some of your (less desirable :rolleyes:) competitors are already advertising LightSwitch hosting
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  2. They may be advertising it, but LightSwitch is still in beta, so technically they can't support it without violating the terms of the beta. Neither can we.

    Even if we could, we would not ever run beta software on production servers.

    Bring it up again when it's released. ;)
  3. Dave,

    Are you running WCF RIA/EF with SQL Server here?
    We get some strange errors. Apps do work at other shared hosts though.
    Trying to find and test a variety of resources.
  4. Hi Hank,
    I can see why you wouldn't want to have Beta software on production servers ... that would be nuts, but the fact is that you have "competitors" out there who are at least giving the option to host Lightswitch.
    Microsoft themselves allow you to host these Lightswitch apps on Azure, yeah it's waaay expensive, which is why it would be good to have them hosted here for less than $5 a month !! .....
    Lightswitch will be Huge!, there will be thousands of "enthusiast" developers (along with a few professionals) out there vying to get thier apps on the web, Lightswitch lets them do that, very very very easily.
    I'm sure Microsoft would want all these Apps on Azure, but to be honest, thats "SledgeHammer to crack a nut".

    Get yourselves a piece of the Lightswitch pie !!

    BTW, From the horses mouth "We’d also like to announce that Beta 2 comes with a “Go Live” license which means you can now start using Visual Studio LightSwitch for production projects!"
    I don't know if that changes things re hosting, how about a "Beta - Use at your own peril" hosting ?

    Hey Ast1,
    No I'm not using WCF RIA/EF, but I am using WCF RIA/LinqToSql
    I'll knock up a WCF RIA/EF app and see what I get.

    What versions are you using ?
    WCF RIA Service pack 1 ?
    EF 4 ?

  5. We have competitors who do a lot of things, that is not a good reason for us to follow them. Following isn't really our thing. ;)

    Having said that, I'm not even sure the original error you reported in this thread is related to anything specifically having to do with LightSwitch. Maybe someone else will chime in.
  6. Success

    Ok Hank,
    I did a bit more fiddlin, i now have Lightswitch Apps running on Winhost ... yey :), i'll post the details later.
    It's getting late .... time for Team Fortres 2

  7. Ha! Nice, glad you figured it out.
  8. Did you ever post the details of how you got it running? I've been trying to figure it out as well but I can't get my LightSwitch App working...
  9. Ray


    Your issue maybe completely different from what was originally posted. Why don't you send us a full copy of the error message you are getting.
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  11. Thanks for following up.

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