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  1. Hello,

    Need to deploy a Microsoft Lightswitch web app - we currently utilize a number of hosting services, unfortunately, our provider for a new prototype system, partially based on Lightswitch, doesn't appear to understand Microsoft's Web Publishing Pipeline.

    - currently, the front-end for the new prototype system utilizes a Coldfusion
    (Railo) website hosted in conjunction with a SQL Server 2012 database.

    - we're having problems publishing the Lightswitch app to the hosting servers
    (that host the Coldfusion/Railo/SQL Server website) - so far we've managed to
    get around 3 hurdles but am stuck on a fourth.

    - I've tested the connection string to the before-mentioned SQL Server 2012
    database (using a VS 2010 app running on one of our dev boxes) and everything
    works great.

    The Railo/Coldfusion website currently uses a domain name that we want to use as the entry point. Can we use perhaps a static IP address (w/o having to use a domain name) to access the Lightswitch app we want to host on your servers? The Lightswitch app is currently configured using Silverlight.


    Thanks in advance
  2. We provision shared static IP addresses to our accounts which can cause issues when you try to address them directly.

    You can obtain a unique IP address which will work for your setup, but first you will need to make sure that you are hosting on at least the MAX plan and that you have purchased and installed a SSL certificate.

    Once the certificate is installed you will be provisioned a unique IP, which you can use to access your hosting space here without your domain name.

    Please note that all accounts have a secondary URL that you might be able to use for the same purpose, and that all accounts need to a have a domain name associated with them.

    The trick is that while you have to associate your account to a domain name, you do not have to actually point that domain name to us if you so choose.
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  3. Hi,

    Thanks for checking in - published a VS2012 Lightswitch app to the secondary URL, and
    am getting your Winhostdefault.htm display at

    If I run I get Server Error / Runtime Error
    - better than a 404, but...

    In my perusal of VS2012 Lightswitch moans and groans on the internet, a common
    comment is to make sure you're using .NET Framework=4.0 - NOT 4.5

    When I run the ASP.NET Version tool on Winhost CP, it displays
    ASP.NET Framework Version: 4.x

    What do you think? (my next step, I guess, is to break out Fiddler).


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  4. ComputerMan

    ComputerMan Winhost Staff

    You need to delete or rename our Winhostdefault.htm document.

    I don't see this error on my end. I get sent to a login screen. Did you fix your issue?

    Since you're on W14. Then when you select 4.x you are using the ASP.NET framework 4.5 on the application pool. However, if the application was coded in 4.0 it should still work on ASP.NET framework 4.5. Some applications do require to use ASP.NET framework 4.0. If this is the case you can contact our support department and ask them to migrate you to a Windows 2008 IIS 7 server where we support the ASP.NET framework 4.0 only.
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