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  1. Hi,
    I currently own some domains hosted by ArviXe. Several problems arrised in the past.
    • No MVC 6 Support. MVC 6 needs a second root directory 'approot' in the same parent directory where 'wwwroot' is. Permissions do not allow me to do this.
    • WebDeploy suddenly cannot download the database anymore.
    • Mail forwarding invalidates the cryptographic signature because the forwarding alters the mail message body.
    The support cannot solve any of these problems. I can somehow live with those problems, but it doesn't feel good. So I am also looking for an alternative provider.

    Supposing that I would change to Winhost - would I experience the same or similar problems?

    And what about future new releases of Microsoft products? Could I adapt or migrate early or am I stuck to the environment, that was current at time of subscription?

    Kind regards
    D. Schmid
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  2. Elshadriel

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    We should be publishing a blog soon which will show you how to host an ASP.NET 5/vNext application in our environment. You need to know that it's still in beta, so things could change in the future.
    I'm afraid this is not supported partly because our web servers are separate from our database servers.

    I can't comment on this. You'll just have to test it if/after you sign up.

    Currently, we allow you to switch freely between different versions of Microsoft products.
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  3. That blog post will go up on Monday.

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