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    I am looking to subscribe, but I have to be honest and ask is there a way to talk to a human? I do not like having to use this forum for questiosn and answers. Please let me know.
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    curtis Winhost Staff

    Yes, you can post here or you can email us at [email protected]

    We'll answer any of your questions.
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    Here are the facts:

    Winhost states they operate out of California. But they do not meet the requirements of California law to be a host: California Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003 (the “Act”) or the Ca Statutes.

    No you cannot speak with a live real person, period. Winhost does everything by email.

    Winhost is not registered with the State of California as a business, corporation, LLC or hosting company.

    Winhost does not list its legal mailing address (does not have to be the business physical address)

    Winhost does not have any phone numbers for its business listed for sales or support.

    Winhost does not have a Federal EIN number to operate as a business.

    Winhost violates its own agreement to be able to accept Visa/MC by stating that you cannot do a chargeback on your credit card and if you do you owe them $150.00. This violates Visa.MC rules as a merchant.

    So what do you really know: You know that they will take your money by credit card and your personal information. You don’t get to know who they are and I they will be in business tomorrow.

    Come on guys do things right, you have a good idea and start of a business for hosting but stop with the BS about why you don’t have phone or company or address information.
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  4. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    Hello anonymous guest poster, there are many many many hosts out there so if you feel that Winhost is not legit for any reason, you really don't need to host with us.

    Curtis - a human being.
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    Guest Guest

    Web Hosting
    80 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. Suite 268
    Sierra Madre 91024
    California CA
    United States
    Phone: 310-388-0458

    Contact Information

    Address: 280 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., Unit #268
    Sierra Madre CA 91024
    United States
    Phone: 310-388-0458
    Fax: N/A
    Email: [email protected]

    Name Servers:

    Technical Contact Information:

    [email protected]
    280 W. Sierra Madre Blvd, Unit #268
    Sierra Madre, CA 91024
    United States
    (310) 388 0458
    Fax (310) 388 0458

    To Curtis:

    You are an anonymous poster on an anonymous web hosting service. Call yourself anything you want. Until you really post a phone number you are not real.
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  6. <sarcasm>
    You're right, we aren't real. We have written a Windows server control panel (try that in your spare time) and spent thousands of dollars on hardware and advertising all as an elaborate con to steal five bucks from you. Pretty awesome scheme, isn't it?
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  7. They seem legit to me...

    Honestly, does anyone has had any problems with Winhost?
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    Since they are a new company how can you tell yet? Of course they are fast and responsive with a few dozen customers. I'm wondering what there ties are with Discount ASP also as most of their content is based on DiscountASP.NET. Are they just a re-wrapped cheaper version?
  9. That's kind of a silly theory, since Discount ASP doesn't have full enough API for it.

    Though if you do a trace route you end up at hostcollective for both Winhost and DiscountASP. And they both share the same second to last step.
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    And being in the same building a few doors down in the same town in the same state makes it a silly theory? And they don't seem to be jumping at the chance to dismiss it.. They must be a meeting figuring out how to handle it...
  11. To be honest, I don't really care if they are just subhosting off of discountASP, the price is very good. If the service gets slow it really is quite easy for me to move my sites somewhere else. But there really is no other Windows hosting company that offers the features they do at the price they do.

    But really, I think a better theory is that both companies were using HostCollective's infrastructure, or at least both are using them as their backbone.
  12. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    Yup, we are having some cigar smoke filled backroom meetings on our club chairs here. lol.

    Sean is right. The connection to discountasp is through Host Collective. We wanted to talk to Host Collective before answering the post.

    Early on we tried to see if discountasp had an api for their hosting system because we liked their system and they are really good. They didn't have a full api but they put us in touch with Host Collective, their parent company.

    Host Collective had confidence in us and serve as our mentors and consultants. We are a separate company and built our own hosting system. Host Collective also helped us by giving us a good deal on the colo of our servers so we can get started faster and cheaper. We may move to another location later but we need to grow first.
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    Seems odd to me a company that owns one company would create or give assistance, mentoring or whatever in some way to another company that would be in direct competition and would allow the copying of major portions of the content on the Discountasp site including every knowledge base article.

    This seems to be a strange relationship and based on other users posts here, I'll be choosing to host my site elsewhere.

    So good luck to the "collective"
  14. You mean like Chrysler making Dodge trucks, Jeeps, Mitsubishis, Volkswagon mini vans, and (soon) Fiats? Odd like that?

    You could always just sign up with the host you work for. That will be more convenient for you anyway.

    Just saying.
  15. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    lol. um... didn't microsoft invest in apple? this guest is so funny, no one is forcing them to fill out our order form.
  16. He's crusading for truth and justice. Or something.
  17. Chrysler might not have been a great examples, after all Dodge and Jeep were Chrysler. And Chrysler kind of went out of business (I doubt the gov would bail you guys out). ;)
  18. Chrysler probably wasn't the best example, you're right. Ha. There are hundreds of others you could throw out there though. Most large companies "compete with themselves" somehow.

    In the web hosting world the biggest example is a company called Endurance. They own about 40 different hosting companies. Some of them are tiny little no-name hosts, but some of them you may know, like IPowerWeb, PowWeb, Globat, Fatcow, StartLogic. They have more than half a million customers spread across those brands. Brands that all compete with each other.

    That's probably not a great example either because the situation here isn't quite the same (Endurance is an investment company), but you get the idea.
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    Hello Mr. Guest,

    I just pass by and read your psalms. It looks like you are somewhat angry to yourself. If you do not want hosting here, just find your place somewhere else and you have right to do so. How I understand from communications between you and Winhost it looks like Winhost is a possibly young business, but I see with enourmous desire for success and i trully believe they will do. It is a smart decision to avoid unecessary expenses and moreover, their services are reliable so you will not need to call customer support. Moreover, it is evident they have intelectual capacity you not always see in the largest hosting companies. I will host with Winhost and I am highly reccomending them. By the way I am comming from a major host where tech guys couldn't fix my e-mail accounts so I accidentally did it. Forget for Chreisler, look here. I am not in any way connected with Winhost, but i trust them.
    Hello from Sunshine State to all.
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    Answer the questions!

    Yes, we all know that you are real people, and you are running a real business. But the truth is there is no real phone number that allows us to talk to you real people. The one phone number you post is not answered by a person; the closest it comes is to allow us to leave a message.

    I understand why you might take offense at the suggestion that you are not legit, but how about answering some of the questions? Do you have a phone number where we can talk to a someone instead of just leaving a message?
  21. My, you guests are so demanding!

    Which questions haven't we answered, exactly?

    I see you are posting from Beyond The Network America. That's an interesting outfit you've got there. No numbers listed anywhere though.

    Just saying.


    I'll close this now, it seems to have run its course. Anyone else who wants to take issue can start their own thread asking why they can't call to chat with us. It would be quicker to just ask the questions here, but who can resist a little complaining? I know I can't. ;)
  22. This is one weird thread, I just read it for entertainment, more than 10 years later haha !

    Maybe the Winhost "office" is the Starbucks lounge, but I personally don't care, as long as my websites and web apps are running.

    The few times I raised a ticket, I usually got a response soon enough - within 4 hours seems to be the average, if not better.

    Winhost Control Panel is easy to use and clear, but I (as a developer), also test all of my stuff locally before deploying to Winhost, so that must make the ride smoother.

    I just hope Winhost doesn't get acquired, or become too greedy to hike up their prices, which have been very good so far.
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