Is there an error in your Security Certificate?

Discussion in 'Email' started by GroverparkGeorge, May 11, 2019.

  1. For the last week or so, Outlook always complains when I try to open my email account, with the message below:

    I have attempted to Install the certificate multiple times.

    I have deleted and readded the email account, again multiple times.

    This happens on two different Win 10 Computers. One has Office 2016, the other has Office 2019 installed.

    Is this because of your security certificate? Or is it a bug in Windows/Office?
  2. Elshadriel

    Elshadriel Winhost Staff

    It's probably the SMTP/POP3 host/server name you are using in Microsoft Outlook. What host/server name are you using?
  3. I'm using whatever was configured by Outlook when I add the account....

    I guess I can check that, but what difference would that make?
    I use IMAP, not POP3. Would that make a difference?
  4. ComputerMan

    ComputerMan Winhost Staff


    You need to update the Incoming and Outgoing host name to use your real mail server URL. This host name can be found in the control panel's Email Manager Section.

    Sites tab > Site account > Email icon.
  5. Okay. But first, what is the "real mail server URL" I need to use? The one on the certificate or the one assigned to me by WinHost?

    And, where do I do this? In Outlook?

    As I said, Outlook never gave me a chance to specify any servers. It just found and configured the email account I asked for.
  6. I think I figured it out. Thanks.

    I am puzzled, though, as to why Outlook would resolve my account and configure it to work using the server name which I have used for years, but it has to have the server to actually recognize the certificate now. What changed? Is it a problem resolving the server name? Or did Microsoft change Outlook?
  7. Elshadriel

    Elshadriel Winhost Staff

    Not sure why it was configured using Might have pulled the information from your MX records, but it has to use because that's what the SSL Certificate is bound to (the * domain name, not yours.) It wouldn't have worked with
  8. To clarify what did and didn't work.

    I DID set up Outlook for IMAP with my WinHost email accounts using Outlook's automatic configuration. That works.

    However, I had to accept/re-accept the WinHost security certificate every time I started Outlook. Outlook then read/sent/managed all emails as expected. In other words, the problem is only when one simply allows Outlook to find and configure the email account(s) that this conflict occurs--at least that's been the problem for the last few weeks. One day everything was working correctly as it had for years. The next day Outlook stopped recognizing your security certificate and asked me whether I wanted to trust it anyway. No changes on my part. That's why I first hypothesized the cert might not be good. Nothing that I knew of changed on my side.

    In fact, I've used MS Outlook this same way -- or many years, since version 2003 with POP3/SMTP at least. This is the first time this problem appeared and it occurred about a month or so ago.

    Actually, I suspect it's more complicated than it appears on the surface. Perhaps it was a Windows or Office update. We all know how much MS likes to introduce new bugs to offset every new feature update....

    Thanks are in order, though. Your help allowed me to solve the problem. Plus I got to learn something new in the process and that's always a good thing.

    George Hepworth
  9. Elshadriel

    Elshadriel Winhost Staff

    Thanks for the information, George. I'm sure it will help out others in the future. I don't know what caused the issue, but you might be right -> that a recent Windows/Office update caused the problem. I wouldn't be surprised since I've experienced my fair share of that happening to me. :)

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