Is something - dot - not possible?

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  1. Just curious but when you purchase a domain name should anything before the name not point to it as well ?

    So if I have then I can use and just plain

    Should I also be able to use ? and thus

    Or doesn't it work that way? Well it doesn't work so I presume it doesn't work that way :rolleyes:


  2. Ray


    We only setup the true domain name for you which is by your example Technically is a subdomain to but everyone is so familiar with that we put in our provisioning code and to be created when the account is first ordered. But any additional subdomain names must be created in the subdomain manager within the Site Manager of the control panel.
  3. You do not use www in conjunction with another subdomain. So: - yes - no​
  4. Ok, got that format to work,

    Seems that you can only add a sub domain to the main websites domain name as trying doesn't work

    to clarify. if my website is called then I can setup a subdomain as but if I also have another domain name pointing to my website then doing doesn't work. Not important, just thought I might use it in the future.
  5. Ray


    Yes this could be done but you will need to use the domain pointer feature.

    Generally the domain pointer feature was designed so that additional domain names can point to the site. Typically it is for marketing purposes as an example,,, and Some businesses would like to capture all 3 domain names for their site.

    But if you have an account with, and you want a subdomain name with a completely different fully qualified domain name to point to, then you will use the domain pointer manager to achieve this.
  6. Ah, interesting, ok i'll give it a try.

    Thanks Ray.

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