Is php installation inherent or as-needed?

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  1. Hello,

    I'm new to Winhost, and am wondering whether php is already installed and configured on the server in C:\, or do I need to install it from scratch to my root (E:\web\username)?
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  2. curtis

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    php is already enabled on all Winhost plans.
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    Yeah you don't need to install it. We did the hard work of installing PHP on all of our web servers ;)

    You can get more information about our PHP installation by using a php info script.
  4. Okay, thanks! Nice to know that I can eliminate that as a possible remedy. That there are things not working doesn't really surprise me, as I'm a DIYer with no formal training except the Google School of Trial and Error.
    The inclusion of php code in html pages is not going smoothly right off the bat. As my previous hosting was done on Linux, I had to incorporate php to accomplish tasks. I'm going to try solving the issues by installing the IIS7 manager and modifying the web.config file to parse php within html files. Is that the right place to start? If I can't figure it out, I guess I'll be learning to convert the php functions to asp!
    I haven't yet found any posts in the forum or in the Knowledge Base that detail how to configure php for Winhost servers, but I'll keep looking. If there are any to which you could point me, I'd be grateful!
    I expected there would be a learning curve with trying to use two different programming languages in one website. Hopefully it won't be a prohibitively steep one.
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  5. I understand from this post:
    that there should be a default web.config file in the root of my site. However, there isn't one there, not that I can see with FTP, anyway. I'm certain I haven't deleted it accidently. Could some kind person please provide me with Winhost's default one, or tell me how to obtain it?
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  6. There isn't a default web.config (though one will be created if you make certain changes using IIS manager or some areas of the Control Panel) and web.config shouldn't be necessary to execute php within an html page (assuming you don't have multiple default documents in the directory).

    In other words, if a directory/folder contains only index.php, it should work without web.config.

    Remember that once you put php into an html page, it's not an html page anymore. it has to use the .php file extension.
  7. Thank you.

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