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  1. Invoice after subscription is not visible and is not sent by email. I think, the same as with DiscountAsp (I have account with them as well) it should be visible by the end of the month. Still, since this is monthly and not a yearly subscription and it would be nice to have invoice right after purchase, especially at the end of the year when you collect all business related expenses.
  2. Ray


    When did you register the account. I believe there maybe a 24 hour delay before you can see your invoice.
  3. Yes, it's still below 24 hours. If it is visible after 24 hours than it's even better than DiscountAsp
  4. Ray


    I just spoke with our billing department and actually it maybe even shorter then 24 hours depending on what time you registered the account. We have an automated batch system that runs every night around 2 a.m. pacific time. Once the batch finished running then you can see your invoice inside the control panel. Of course this means if you register the account while the batch is running or after it ran then you'll have to wait for the next batch sequence to run, which is going to be the next day, before you can see the invoice in your control panel. If you don't see this even after 24 hours has passed then I suggest you open a ticket to our support queue and we'll have our programmers look into it. It's possible that the batch may have experienced some issues.

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