Installing Wordpress via App Installer

Discussion in 'Third-party applications' started by thehappycactus, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. I recently installed Wordpress via the App Installer. I assumed that the installation would also set up (at least basically) the required MySQL DB along with it, since the App Installer specifically notes: "For apps requiring a SQL databases, using this tool will add tables to your existing database, and may overwrite existing tables if they have the same name."

    However, when I check my MySQL databases in my Control Panel, it still says that none of my available DBs are being used. I can see the Wordpress files and folders expanded in my web space, though the wp-config isn't configured at all.

    I want to confirm that this means I need to set this up myself and there's no magic happening anywhere behind the scenes (though I'm not sure what that would be). I ask only because the App Installer seems to be saying that it will take care of it, when at least in my experience it did not.

  2. The installer can't create the database, it can only install to an existing database. So yes, you have to set up a MySQL db first, then provide the login details to the installer.

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