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  1. I published my site for the first time ok. Then I created a new app folder called "misc".

    1) When I ftp using primary or secondary ftp I don't see misc? How do I find it?

    2) Any suggestions on how to organize things? Right now I have my web site in the root. I want an image folder, a video folder, an audio folder and various web service (WCF) folders.
  2. Ray


    The application starting point tool does not create the folder it merely set an existing folder under your root as the application starting point. What that means is that you will still need to log into our server using FTP and create that folder manually through FTP.

    If your application will be on the root, I suggest simply creating the folders directly under your root. You can only create the folder through FTP, so connect to our server via FTP and once connected create the folders within your root.
  3. So I can organize like this?

    /website/website files including default.aspx
    /webservice1/web service files
    /webservice2/web service files

    I want my webservices to know nothing about my website. My website to know nothing about my webservices but all will use the stuff in misc.

    And only website, webservice1 and webservice2 need to be in application starting points? misc contains a lot but is not an application.
  4. Ray


    Yes that is correct. But make sure when you code your web service that the path to those folder go to misc/[folder name] else you'll probably get some 404 object not found error. Also to make your coding more cleaner for coding your paths I suggest you use the server.mappath method. This way you don't have to keep typing the full server path of your account. Try also looking at this link for some tips on how to use the server.mappath method.
  5. I already use server.mappath on another web site but appreciate the advice.

    I'll read the link and try these things.

  6. My website was working in IE8 when I had it in the root.
    Now I moved it to the folder "/lazywater", as described above, and when I try to use IE8 to view it I get the Winhost page: Winhostdefault.htm.

    How do I tell the server to look in the lazywater folder?
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  7. Ray


    All calls to the site will always start at the root. Unfortunately this is how IIS 7 works. If you just moved your files to a subdirectory you will need to create a redirect script and upload it to the root and have the calls get redirected to the desired subfolder.

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