Informations on setting up a WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) on my website

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  1. Hello there,

    I'm currently designing a website with more and more features computed on the server side.
    For now, everything is computed by the asp website (with background thread, oh yeah) and I would like to put a lot of it in a WCF (no recycling, a faster way to deliver webpages to clients and a lot of other nice pros)

    I've worked professionally with WCF in the past, but we had some executables which were responsible for hosting them so I'm quite a noob when it comes to settings a WCF up in my Winhost architecture.

    Is there a precise guide I could follow to do so? I've found some old posts, only talking about config files problem and the "WCF" search on the forum doesn't show anything since WCF is not a valid search (only 3 letters ... now you know why I've written the whole term in the title)

    Thank you very much for any piece of information. (or useful links)

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  2. We don't have any specific getting-started-with-WCF tutorials, I'm afraid.

    But if you want to see the threads about it here in the forum, you can search with "site:" on Google: wcf

    FYI: The forum search doesn't work for short or common words because the search queries an index in the forum database, and indexing every common or short word would make the search database extremely large...
  3. Thank you for your fast reply (and the google trick), I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing an awesome guide :)

    ps: I understand the technical challenge ;-) Time to truely realize how awesome Google is :p
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