I need Help with ICANN verification -- data does not match WinHost???

Discussion in 'DNS/Domain names' started by John DeGe, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. Please help me.
    I have received an email from WinHost asking me to verify the ICANN data.
    The email contained the data of registration of my domain with WinHost.
    HOWEVER...my name is not mentioned at all in the data registration.
    It shows the city as Toronto, Canada, not my address as in WinHost ICANN for my domain.
    Am I missing something or did my domain/ICANN registration get changed without me knowing it?
    This is new to me, so please guide me if something is wrong, or I do not understand the verification process?
  2. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    Please contact our billing department for assistance.

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