I cant enter my control panel

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  1. Hello

    Before one month i can enter my control panel of my website, but now i think few changes done in Winhost so i cant enter my control panel, i search every where to enter my CP but i did not find how to do it like before.

    The second problem is: i already created my info email before one month, and i already did the sittings of it, but until now the info email do not receive any email, i tried that many times from different emails like my emails in Gmail and Hotmail, and iam sure that i did the sittings right, for example: the storge size and activate it etc.

    Thank you.
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  2. Ray


    What is your domain name?
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  4. Ray


    Make sure you are typing the correct control panel login. Remember, the control panel login is all numeric, there are no letters in them.

    If you do not know your control panel login and password, open a new ticket to our support department and request that they email you the welcome letter for the control panel. Inside the letter will be your control panel login and password.

    Remember, they can only send it to the email address that is on file for that account, so make sure you have access to that email address.
  5. Hello all, thank you for your reply.

    I can enter my website control panel, but the problem is: i cant manage it by enter to control panel tools.

    I clicked on (Site) tab, but my site not exist there thats why i cant manage it, i paid the fee of the hosting and my site still working but i did not found it under the (Site) tab.

    Thank you.
  6. Ray


    I think you are typing in the wrong control panel login. There seems to be two control panel login for wahidi.net. One is empty and the other active.

    Chekc your yahoo inbox. I asked our support staff to send the welcome letter for the active account. Inside it is the control panel login and password.
  7. Hello Ray

    Yes i recieved the same user name and password that i already have and also the same link for the control panel of Winhost cp.Winhost.com

    I can login to my site control panel but as i said under the tab (Site) i can not find my site in there so i can not enter the control panel tools of my website, and this message written "You do not have any sites", please help.

    Thank you.
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  8. Ray


    Can you tell me what control panel login you are using?
  9. Hello Ray

    I just enter this link cp.Winhost.com and enter my user name and password, after that i see my control panel site tab, domain tab and other.

    Thank you.
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