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  1. Hi

    I have recently re-written and my site from static HTML over to ASP.NET MVC.

    My company is a record label and sound library production company. I have been running haunted house records for 5 years.

    The first stage of the migration was to replicate the look and feel of the old site, but data drive all the products. Al my product details now come from an SQL server database and I have written a fairly comprehensive admin panel for the site so I can setup / modify new products easily.

    I'll be adding new features soon now the initial migration is complete.


  2. Ray


    Site seems really optimized and smooth. On my end every link pulls up quickly. I did notice that you have a fairly complex sites with a lot of links. So for something like this you may want to consider creating a site map for your customers. Also personally for me I'm into seeing separations and borders. My personal recommendation is changing the background color from black to a lighter gray. That way the middle should pop out and stand out more. Thats my personal opinion but the way it is right now should also work.
  3. Hi

    Thanks for the comments. The current look and feel has been the same for a couple of years but the old static html site was a pain in the arse to change.

    Now I have migrated the site one of my tasks on the list is to update the styles which will be much easier now :)

    I'll have a think about a sitemap. I did have an about page which listed all the albums and sample libraries which is sort of a site map from a product point of view but i havn't migrated that yet. Should get around to it soon. I want to get some product releases out the way before I do any more changes so I will keep the site stable for the next couple of months and then roll out some updates.


  4. Ray


    Good luck. Also make sure you do not forget about your database. As the database grows it may start running slower. So make sure you constantly run routine upkeep on it such as dbcc_defrag and dbcc_shrink. Lastly if you haven't already done so, you may also want to start thinking about setting up indexes for your database.
  5. Ray, over the past few days my site has started acting strangly. this is since the planned sql maintenance outage.

    Any ideas on the following thread:

    Images are not displaying all the time and they are definately on the server you can browse to them. Support said they can't help but any clues as to why the site can go from working perfectly to not would be great.

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  6. Ray


    Where are your images stored on? Is the image stored on the web server with your site or is it being pulled from your database? Do you have a link where we can see the broken images?
  7. the images are stored with the site. its sorted now. The support person had to increase the app pool. the images were coming back with http 503 errors (service unnavailable).

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