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  1. Association Generandois non-profit organization.
    It’s very first of my website development on public and using Winhost (Spanish site is underdevelopment); any suggestions or criticisms are appreciated.
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  2. That's a nice looking site, and a good cause.
  3. Ray


    Agreed, I think its a very nice and well built site. You may want to consider also setting up a Site Map for your site.
    I did run your website through some web analyzing tool. Its a third party site that rates the efficiency of the site. It did bring up some warnings. Just though you may want to know. Here is the link I used and just type your domain name on the text box.

    You may not need it now, cause from our end when we pull up the site its fairly fast. But if you are targeting browsers over the sea (Australia, China, Europe) this may actually come into play and optimizing the site to give the viewer the best viewing experiencing may help you by using this optimization tool.

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