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    Oh, I like it. Very nice. Easy to navigate, easy to read, very easy on the eyes. Plus, base off the business you are in, the site fits it perfectly. Very well done. Make sure you impose a copy right warning at the bottom of the page. This site is way to nice not to protect it.
    Many developers emphasizes on sophistication rather then simplicity. I'm all for one making the site look professional, but keeping a fine balance between simplicity and professionalism is often missed. You my friend has hit them both on the mark.
    Lastly I really would like to see your site succeed. May I suggest also setting up a blog or forum for it and get your name out there more often. Include links to facebook and twitter accounts. I know it maybe more work for you, but if done correctly the pay-off is big, and marketing expense other then labor is fairly small.
  2. Thank you so much for you reply :) By the way I'm 17 years old if that makes a difference :)

    How would that work for a painter though? What benefit would there for customers in building a blog or forum?
  3. Ray


    For one it helps improve SEO. Second it helps gets customers engage in the site.
  4. Well the reason I didn't do it is because this is a small business, it is just one guy and his uncle so I assumed that a forum or a blog might be a bit too much don't you think?
  5. It may be.

    A "dead" forum does not look good to visitors. It's difficult to build an active forum. A blog, on the other hand, is all up to you. You could post a new blog article every week. It's just a question of finding pertinent things to write about. For a small business site I would start a blog before I tried to start a forum.
  6. Ray


    Try using the social network such as Facebook or Twitter. Its easy and engaging. And unlike the forum if it is dead it gives a bad connotation, but with social network its more flexible. You can always add the link to your site to make it a little more engaging.
  7. What sort of stuff would a painter a blog about though? Just the idea of a painter blogging seems so foreign to me.
  8. I don't know. I was a house painter for a couple of years. I suppose a painter could blog about such hot topics as the different shades of white and how they have changed over the years...
    This year's hottest trend? You got it! Eggshell! From Fifth Avenue in New York to 10 Downing Street to Kim Jong-il's private bathroom, this summer's hottest cool shade of white is taking the design world by storm!
    Something like that. Nothing to it. ;)
  9. Thats an interesting idea, i'll check with him and see what he thinks about it. Thank you.

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