how to setup ASP.NET Web API on winhost?

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  1. I have tried setting up a REST site using Web Api but get a 404 when I navigate to a specific endpoint, For example:

    on the other hand if i put a testpage.html inside the webapi project and navigate to it, it gets served OK.
    For example:

    This leads me to conclude there are specific steps / config that need to be performed at winhost. Same site on a win10 with IIS (acting as a remote server) works out of the box, no extra steps required.

    Please point me to a knowledge base article on the steps required to setup web api site at winhost.
  2. After much time-wasting on a wild goose chase, I checked my version of ASP.NET under Site Manager / Site Tools.

    I still had 2 / 3 / 3.5 .. what the ?!

    Issue fixed, and there I was thinking of moving host ... to the powers that be at winhost, how about a few articles on "how to install" such basic stuff on winhost, for example, in regards to Web API, MVC, WCF, WebForms (cringe), ASP classic (cringe), ASP CORE etc etc...
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  4. What url must I use to access the APIs? I have a secured site and when I try to access, it redirects to

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