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  1. I'm trying to change folder permissions so I can get my site to work correctly. I have a open ticket, but it conflicts with another post of almost the same tile as this one. The person answering my ticket says the following:

    9/22/2013 8:39 AM
    Tabitha (tashaswh)
    Subject How to Change Folder File Permissions

    In FTP, those folders are automatically only readable and executable to authorized FTP users (you can add additional FTP users in the Control Panel; see this Knowledge Base article: In order to limit access to those folders via the web, you need to prevent anonymous users from viewing the folders by setting up password protection in your web.config file or IIS Manager. " ... ]

    Yet, this post on this forum says opposite:

    So, which is it? I can look via FileZilla and sent the support ticket screen shots of the file permissions, which confirms that the forum post is current and tech support is not correct. So, I need a solution on how to change file permissions. This really should be an easy task and most hosting companies have a simple file browser built into the control panel, but this company doesn't. I would greatly appropriate the help to get this resolved.

    Thanks in advance.
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    We actually don't have a way for you to change an individual file's or folder's permissions. The other post is also correct because CHMOD is a Linux/UNIX command, and file permissions work differently in a Windows environment. Your primary user will have full read/write permissions to your entire web space. You can create another FTP user with full read/write permissions to a single folder. Permissions are inherited in Windows.

    If you're having a permissions problem, then it could be because you used Web Deploy to publish your application. In that case, our support department can reset the permissions for you. Permission errors can also be caused by not setting your application to use 'Full' trust. We provide documentation on how to set your application to use 'Full' trust in this Knowledge Base article.
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