How do I send email using your smtp but with a Google Apps from address?

Discussion in 'Email' started by DonnyV, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Update *****************************************************
    Sorry realized that was a bad title.
    It should say
    "How do I send email using your smtp but not using ''?"

    Here is my problem.

    I have a Googles Apps account which is ""
    I also have a subdomain that resolves "" to
    Google's Apps login page.

    Now after looking at your info for sending email from your site. You
    want users to map "" to your servers to send emails
    using your smtp server.

    Is there a secondary domain url that I could use to send email through your
    smtp server?

    The reason is my site currently has over 700 users and growing.
    Since Google has a 500 per day limit on emails sent I usually use
    the hosts email smtp to send newsletter type emails and only use the Google Apps interface for person to person emails.
  2. Ray


    How many emails are you planning to send out a day? We do have an email restriction. You may want to also use our acceptable usage policy.

    Also you may want to verify if the email is enabled on your Winhost account. To to your Winhost control panel/Site Manager/Email Manager and let us know what you see.
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  3. I read your "acceptable usage policy" for email and its way more then we need
    which is great.

    I'm looking to send a newsletter out every month maybe to all the users.
    Besides that, right now we only get like 6 to 9 new users sign up a day.
    So they get 1 email each with there account info and help links.

    Eventually it might go up to once a week once I get my news section up.

    This is what I see in the control panel for email

    I want to use something else besides "".
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  4. Ray


    I'm going to have to let you know that we do not endorse, encourage, or recommend using our SMTP server when you are using another 3rd party mail server to capture your email. There can be unforeseen negative consequences when you do this. One is that there can be a potential conflict. The other is that you can be blocked by spam filters when you send an email through a smtp server that is not your primary email server.
    However, we will not stop or hinder you if you choose this route only that you are aware of possible negative consequences.

    The email server you will be using is You will need to pass SMTP authentication for our mail server to send out your email. You should be able to use your postmaster account. Make sure you pass the full email address of the postmaster account. This POP account exist on our email server.

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