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  1. My site has an SSL cert so it's reachable through HTTPS both on the main domain ( and on the main subdomain ( but how do I make one of my other subdomains be reachable through HTTPS as well ( I have already bought an SSL certificate but I'm not sure how to apply it on a subdomain, nor whether it's even possible.
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    Regular SSL certs are very specific to the Common Name you selected when you created the cert, so if you selected the main domain as your Common Name, the cert will not work on a subdomain. And if you say selected your as your Common Name, then that is the only URL form that will be secured. In other words, you would see a warning if you tried to secure your main domain,

    Instead of using a subdomain, you can put your content under a subfolder and secure it using
    Or you can look into a Wildcard SSL cert, which will secure any subdomain, e.g., *
  3. So I have an SSL cert for my main site ( And I have bought another SSL cert but haven't activated it yet, so it's not tied to any domain yet.
    I have a subdomain ( which I point to using a standard web.config rewrite rule because I don't want it to appear as in the URL.
    How do I point my new SSL cert this subdomain of mine (

    When I go to the SSL Manager page I can only see the details of the current cert on my main site and a Generate New CSR button.
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    What type of SSL Certificate do you currently have installed?

    I ask because if you have a wildcard SSL Certificate you can use it for both host names.

    Also, you can only have one SSL Certificate installed on a single site account. So in your case it would have to be a wild card SSL Certificate if you want to protect both host names &
  5. I have a regular one, wildcard were too expensive for me.

    Lesson learned, 1 cert per account. Thanks

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