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  1. Does the Hosting package include running ASP and VBScript ?
    (You only mentioned ASP.Net)

    Can I upload and use MS ACCESS Databases ?

    Does the UserName, Passsword, or FTP Address DEMAND that the PIPE character MUST BE in one of the variables ("|") - I DONT WANT THIS AT ALL

    Can I use standard FTP Protocol - I DO NOT WANT TO USE SSL

    I currently am using a host which is
    a) 100% Reliable
    b) Extremely low Cost
    c) BUT they Demand I must have a PIPE character in the user name - HUH ? Why ?

    I interact with the website using a batch File driven FTP System (NCFTP) which fails if I have to have a PIPE command in the batch file

    Do you pay commission for bringing my customers to your hosting ?
  2. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    We support and classic asp.
    We support access database.
    Usernames do not include a pipe character
    We support standard ftp and ftp over ssl - your choice.
    You can join our affiliate program -
    We have a 30 day money back guarantee so test us out.
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