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  1. With my old hosting company I have 2 sites:


    Can I host sub1.mysite.com with Winhost and keep www.mysite.com running by the old company?

    Thanks for advice
  2. Ray


    Yes. Simply log into your Winhost control panel and under the Site Manager set up the subdomain name under the subdomain manager so the host header entries will be set correctly.
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  3. What do I set up with the old hosting company?

    I told them NS1.Winhost.COM, NS2.Winhost.COM
    they said it must be just one value (I want to migrate just the subdomain)

    Thank you
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  4. Ray


    What is the subdomain name?
  5. gallery.proficad.com

    (mysite was just an example)
  6. Ray


    First make sure gallery.proficad.com is setup as a subdomain name to your Winhost account. Once that is done contact the DNS administrator for proficad.com and have them create an A record for gallery.proficad.com to point to IP address
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  7. ok, thanks!
  8. ljay

    ljay Guest

    Adding sub-domains

    I am having trouble figuring out how to add a sub-domain to a domain that is not hosted by Winhost.
    For example, my domain is perspicaciousapps.com. But I need to create the sub-domain properties.realestateinvestorsadvantage.com.
    realestateinvestorsadvantage.com is a domain that is hosted on a Linux box (PHP site).
    In the control panel, if I go to the sub-domain manager, it only allows me to add sub-domains that are under perspicaciousapps.com. I can create properties.perspicaciousapps.com, but I can not figure out how to add properties.realestateinvestorsadvantage.com using this control panel.
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  9. Ray


    Use the domain pointer feature. In the domain pointer manager you can either input a root domain name or a subdomain name. If the root domain name is the domain name to your site account than you will use the subdomain pointer feature. If it is not, you will use the domain pointer manager.
  10. ljay

    ljay Guest

    Domain Pointer to a subdomain

    I am able to add a domain pointer to www.realestateinvestorsadvantage.com.
    However, in the domain pointer manager, it does not allow you to create a domain pointer to a subdomain, that I can tell. It pre-pends 'www.'
    Also, I have read several articles in this Knowledge Base about IIS URL Rewrites and ASP redirect scripts.
    Will I also need one of these? If so, which? Both?
  11. Ray


    The system automatically puts "www" at the front because so much people associate a root domain name to be www.realestateinvestorsadvantage.com rather than realestateinvestorsadvantage.com. If you add a domain point such as sub1.realestateinvestorsadvantage.com, in the domain pointer manager, it will also create www.sub1.realestateinvestorsadvantage.com. However, you can still access sub1.realestateinvestorsadvantage.com because a header name will be created for sub1.realestateinvestorsadvantage.com.
  12. ljay

    ljay Guest

    Awesome! Thank you, Ray!

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