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Discussion in 'DNS/Domain names' started by Augustus, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Ok I have just about read everything I could find here regarding setting up additional domains and it's not working.

    Here is what I've done..

    Assigned the Winhost Nameservers to my domain
    Created a domain pointer to the domain
    Created a folder for the domain
    Created an Application Starting Point to the folder
    Put the following script in the beginning of my default.asp page on the root of the original site:
    If InStr( UCase(Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME")), UCase("") ) > 0 Then
    ElseIf InStr( UCase(Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME")), UCase("") ) > 0 Then
    ElseIf InStr( UCase(Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME")), UCase("") ) > 0 Then
    End If

    ***Items in bold are the new items to point to my domain***
    * redirect is working. The redirect is not.

    When I look at the domains from the domain tab I see both domains - and (This shows that there is a domain pointer as the type for

    All this and it still isn't working!
    What am I doing wrong? :confused:

    Once I get this working I will do something that REALLY should be completed: A Step by Step Guide to clear this confusion.

    Thanks for any assistance anyone can give me. :eek:
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  2. Ray


    If I type on my browser it redirects to the folder tlb just like how you coded it. But I tested and this domain name is not registered. Not only you will need to setup as a domain pointer but you have to register it in the world of the Internet. Log into the Winhost control panel and up on top you will see a button that reads order new domain name. You need to register this domain name. This is a separate charge.
  3. Domain is already registered

    The domain is already registered with Godaddy and, as I stated, the nameservers point to nameservers.

    What else is there to complete?

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  4. Ray


    You will need to setup them up as domain pointers on the Winhost accounts. This will create the header names so that they are directed to the correct root folder.
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  5. I think that's already done

    As I stated in my original post - I have setup the domain pointer for this domain.

    When I go to domain pointers it shows the following:

    Domain Pointer Email Alias On [Turn Off]

    Is there more to do?

    This is more difficult than it needs to be. Can/does anyone have a step by step post of how to add a domain to your account, as in 1. Do This, 2. Do this, etc? :confused:
  6. Mission Accomplished!

    Ok It's working! I found an error on my part. I put in a typo in the domain pointer. After correcting that AND creating a url rewrite rule with the IIS manager the new domain shows up.

    Thing is it shows as when I put in

    I remember seeing a post about making this resolve to show the TLD and not the subfolder.

    Gonna go look that up and then post the steps I took (Sans the forum requests for help).

  7. Little assistance plz...

    I've hunted and can't seem to locate the post that describes what I need but so I'll just ask here...

    Additional domain is resolving to, I want it to resolve to I don't want the subfolder to show in the address.

  8. It all came together...

    I got it now. I had to use HTTP_HOST instead of HTTP+POST in the IIS Manager rule.

    Now its time to create that step by step...

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