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Discussion in 'General troubleshooting' started by rvooys, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. I was able to make back-ups of my data, bi-weekly using the Generate Scripts Wizard.

    As I tried to load up the last back-up it failed.

    I got errors on the load, and only 1/12 of my tables.

    So I tried to generate the scripts again, and now it hangs up and eventualy fails on the last item in database.

    I tried exporting each item as it's own file to determine exactly where an issue happens and it happens on the second table in my database.

    Any ideas?
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    What is the error message? Post the complete and exact error message on this thread.
  3. I ran it this am, and I had no difficulties.

    File loaded with no problems either.

    If I have another problem I will post the message.

    Is there a problem when you run it while people are using it?

    Is there a way to schedule this to run, say at 11 pm each night?
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    There can be a problem depending on how the database is created and the relationship restrictions you imposed on it.

    You can set it to be a single user mode so only you at that time can use the database. Simply run the command...

    Alter Database [database_name] SET Single_user with rollback immediate

    Then when you are done with the script run...

    Alter Database [database_name] SET Multi_user
  5. When I tried to set it too Single User it told me I didn't have permissions.

    The I took it offline, not good, locks you right out.

    But when I ran the generate scripts, before I tried any of the above, I get

    * Internal Conenction fatal error. ("
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    Did you type Use [type your database name here without the brackets]

    You can bring your database back online.

    Go to MS DOS and use the sqcmd command

    c:\>sqlcmd -S [sql server] -U [db username] -P [db password]
    then type

    alter database [database name] set online

    then type...

  7. Ok, I ran the command on the DB_2589_BlackHeart database and it locked me out. I couldn't get in from the SSMS, or the command line.

    I just tried the command line when it was back up, and all works fine.

    I will try next time I can take the database down for a couple hours, but I did this during production time, bad bad.
  8. I am again having this issue.

    Is there a size limitation to using the generate scripts?
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