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  1. I need to use ftp://user:password@ftp.eprospector.com for my clients to download report files. The ftp connects but to the root at eprospector.com not the directory of the ftp user. I thought the tool "FTP Users" allowed us to create 5 ftp users with one or more different directories. I have used this process on other hosted sites.

    The connected directory is aspnet_client not the ftp users directory I set up using the tool.

    Any ideas why this is not working from the browser, it works fine when connecting with WS_FTP pro.
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  3. Yes, you can use IE for ftp protocol. ftp://user:password@xxxx.com has worked for many years within my current application. The problem seems to be with Winhost directory security and it is not allowing for browser access. The connection is still defaulting to aspnet_client directory under root at eprospector.com not the ftp users directory.
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  5. Having the same issue with Safari 4.0.4. It is defaulting to the root at eprospector.com in the directory aspnet_client. What is this directory??? It is not even the root of my website.
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    Like I said this really is not something we can fix on the server side. If you use a full FTP client or even MS DOS, you will find that it points to the correct FTP root. These issues you are seeing are all browser client related issues.

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